Jungle Jam Exclusive Signed PackageIncludes: Jungle Jam, Jungle Jam in Brazil, Gina the Giraffe, Mikey the Monkey, handmade wooden puzzle, signed books by the authors with a personal dedication.


A wonderful gift for any child. This fabulous and colourful Jungle Jam package consists of the first two books in the Jungle Jam series, Jungle Jam and Jungle Jam in Brazil, two gorgeous cuddly toys; Mikey the Monkey and Gina the Giraffe and our Jungle Jam handmade wooden jigsaw set. The books will be signed by the authors and can be dedicated to any child. A one off signed set that could be worth millions in the future!

The first two books in the Jungle Jam series will truly entertain your little ones.

In Jungle Jam, Mikey the Monkey dreams of being a famous singer. One day he decides to leave his home and sets out on a wild musical adventure to share his singing with the world. Jungle Jam shows children how working together as part of a team is always best!

In Jungle Jam in Brazil, follow Gina the Giraffe on her courageous journey and learn about the fabulous music and culture of Brazil. Jungle Jam in Brazil shows children that they can do anything they want if they simply try their best and be 'brave and strong’.

Our sweet, captivating rhyming books are designed for young children as an introduction to musical instruments and sounds as well as new cultures and countries.

All our books include a fun activity page.

Mikey the Monkey is super soft and cuddly. His wide eyes and sweet soft plush invite you to enjoy some cosy cuddling. Measurements: 15cm in height when sitting. Adheres to all safety regulations.

Gina the Giraffe is super soft and cuddly too. Her big smile and fluffy hair are so soft and comforting for any child. Measurements: 17cm in height when sitting. Adheres to all safety regulations.

Both Gina and Mikey are fantastic companions and can be used when reading our books to engage children and entertain.

The Jungle Jam jigsaw set is made from solid wood to a high standard. Each jigsaw is hand-painted with beautiful detailing making it a work of art and a perfect educational gift for children. The puzzle is durable and made to last the test of time. Product Dimensions – 28cm. All paints used are non-toxic.