The Books

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Jungle Jam is a fun, informative and educational children’s book series for 0-5 yr olds about a jungle band who go on incredible musical adventures together.

Book 1: Jungle Jam

Jungle Jam is about a singing monkey who embarks on a musical adventure to find global fame but discovers that he must work with others to make his dream turn into a reality.

“How are you making that beautiful sound?
What is this music you have found?”

All the Jungle Jam books include an activity page.

Book 2: Jungle Jam in Brazil 

Gina the Giraffe loves being part of the Jungle Jam band but she is nervous about leaving her home and trying new things.

Follow Gina on her courageous journey and learn about the fabulous music and culture of Brazil.

“The band is getting ready for their biggest show yet.
They are going to Brazil in a jumbo jet.”

All the Jungle Jam books include an activity page.

Our Vision

The Jungle Jam book series, published by Jungle Jam Publishing will introduce young readers to different music genres and influences as well as various musical instruments from all over the world. The book series include themes that focus on skills and learning that are crucial in both band playing, and life, such as; working together as a team, respecting others, sharing, trying new things, accepting change and self-discipline.