Jungle Jam in Brazil Helps Children to Overcome Fears

Ryan (aged 4) was the lucky winner of a Jungle Jam competition and won a fab Jungle Jam prize package – here is what his mum said:

“Our prize arrived just as we had come through the door from nursery. Ryan was very excited to open the parcel. He sat the Mikey monkey toy with his own comfort toy and asked to do the jigsaw puzzle first and said look mummy it matches the books. 

We then sat down to read the books and read jungle jam first, Ryan sat and listened and referenced the stories to the pictures. At the end of the story he said I’m glad Mikey joined the band mummy and asked if we’d read it again later.

Straight after we read ‘Jungle Jam in Brazil’ which led to several questions of where is Brazil? Why is Gina worried? and She’ll be ok won’t she mummy? As the story progressed Ryan kept asking if Gina was ok and were the others taking care of her. He was happy at the end of the story when she joined in.

Perfect timing really as we had school visit yesterday and we linked how Gina was feeling to the feelings Ryan may have felt yesterday at his first school taster session and how Gina was fine once she settled and joined in.

I like how the books rhyme, the second time we read the book I paused to let Ryan try to remember the rhyming word. He enjoyed this very much and thought it very funny if he couldn’t remember and made a rhyming word up!

Ryan has asked that we make a drum and a guitar! So that should keep us busy. He is using the magnets to hold his art work on the fridge.

Overall we’ve had a lovely hour or so enjoying these and we will definitely continue the jungle jam theme by making the instruments, painting the animals etc. It’s been something different and not necessarily something Ryan would have chosen as he’s really into vehicles etc at the moment, but he’s thoroughly enjoyed these books and it’s been a lovely change! “

Twin Mummy & Daddy Dot Com Review Jungle Jam

The lovely people at http://twinmummyanddaddy.com have posted a fabulous review of Jungle Jam. Here’s a quick snippet – you can see the whole book review at http://www.twinmummyanddaddy.com/jungle-jam-book-review/

We’re so glad to hear when someone has enjoyed Jungle Jam! If you’d like to review the book, please feel free! Just let us know what you and your kids thought.