All u mummy’s & daddy’s……I just got this book from @JungleJam2016. Kids love it! Educational and fun at the same time!
— Celebrity Mum, Singer and TV presenter, Michelle Heaton recently tweeted about Jungle Jam

Jungle Jam is a fantastic book that really appeals to young children. The bright vibrant colours and the cute characters are beautiful, along with a great storyline with good morals and values. This book is set to be a success. It already is amongst my classes and groups, and in my household too!
— Ilana Sheli, Children’s Music Entertainer

We love Jungle Jam. What a fab story. A must have book. I’m very impressed. I’m reading in my son’s class next week and going to take Jungle Jam to read to them. I am sure they will love it too.
— Rochelle Billing, Founder of Teddy Bear Nannies

Wonderful children’s book for 0-4yr olds (or a bit older even – my eldest (6) reads it to the others and really enjoys it) I highly recommend it. Great intro to music and sounds and such a sweet book about working together with others. It’s also got some arts and crafts activities in the back to make with the kids 😉
— Rochelle Chakimi, Mother of Three (ages 1, 4 and 6)

Got our copy of “jungle jam” yesterday. The boy loved it even though he’s a bit older than the target readership. He loved the colours, rhymes and the moral, which he said was; “It’s better to be part of something, than be on your own”. Then later, for the first time ever, he got a pen and paper and started to write, and wrote a page and a half about elephants. He said he’s writing a book just like Jungle Jam. Thanks for inspiring him Jungle Jam.
— Rachel Golding, Group administrator for FB Group ‘Secret VIP Mums Who Hide in the Loo’

We love Jungle Jam in our house. Since the day it was delivered, Isla won’t let us read anything else at bedtime. She really loves finding and naming all of the animals on the last page. Brilliant book!
— Dominique Keogh, Mother to Isla (aged 2)

What a beautiful story about friendship, cooperation and the power of music. My children were captivated and inspired by this fantastic book, highly recommend!
— Sarah Cohen, mum to 3 boys (ages 5, 8 and 11)

Jensen loves his new book Jungle Jam!! He keeps saying “More” after it. We’re now reading it to him for the third time in a row. Discarded Peppa Pig books everywhere!
— Nikki Cowan, Father of Jensen (aged 1)

I loved reading about Mikey the funky Monkey and his cool friends to my little brother, now we want to start our own Jungle Jam band!
— Ezra aged 8

This is my favourite book ever! I want to make the Jungle Jam guitar and be just like Ziggy the Zebra!
— Gadi aged 5

Amazon Reviews

Wonderful for bedtime
Fabulous bedtime story! My 2.5 year old constantly demands this story and my 15month old likes to mimic the band sounds – gorgeous story
— By Abdabdoodar – 10 September 2016

Fun illustrations make reading to a child very enjoyable
Delightful book. Ideal for young children, especially new readers. Fun illustrations make reading to a child very enjoyable.
— By Amazon Customer – 9 September 2016

Five Stars
My kids 4 year old and one year old loved the book and the carictures in it. Highly recommended!!
— By Manyasargent – 3 September 2016

Fantastically fun!
This is a fabulous book. My 2.5yr old loves it. Her face lights up every time she sees it and she loves the story which is fun, engaging and perfectly pitched. Highly recommend.
— By J Foulkes – 2 September 2016

Fab book about music and team work
This is a great book. We’re quite a musical loving family and often have jams together with shakers, drums and guitars. I’m just starting to teach my daughter the piano and thought this might be a nice book to introduce different music and sounds in a fun story way. I couldn’t have been more right. This is a really lovely book to read or just picture flick through. My 6 year old is loving reading it to my other children (4 & 1) and she’s already started collecting the items needed to make the musical instruments in the arts n’ crafts section in the back of the book. It also has such a lovely (and clear – easily grasped) story about working together and being part of a team. Great all round. I will definitely be buying more for birthday presents etc.
— By Chaki on – 31 Aug. 2016

Love Jungle jam!!!!!!!!!!
What a great story!!! The kids loved it and really got into it. The illustration is very good and the story line is sooo cute! Can’t wait for the next one in the series!!! Highly recommend it for your little ones!
— By D E Azagury – 27 August 2016

All love Jungle Jam – the 1
My 3 children (6, 4, 1.5) all love Jungle Jam – the 1.5 year old (who NEVER sits still long enough to engage in a whole story) loves the wonderful, colourful illustrations and was actively engaged in the story and loved making the animal noises. My 4 year old loves the rhymes and learning about the instruments whilst my 6 year-old loves reading it himself and there are enough tricky words that he has picked up a few new additions to his vocabulary. Most importantly, I really enjoyed reading it to them (repeatedly!). Great book, highly recommended!
— By 3LittleGingies – 27 August 2016

… that my toddler thoroughly enjoys and my bigger kids love reading it to him
A lovely book that my toddler thoroughly enjoys and my bigger kids love reading it to him. It is a colourful and engaging book combining animals and music which is great! Definitely recommend this book to all!
— By Amazon Customer – 27 August 2016

Wonderfully different kids musical story!
Wonderfully different kids book that encourages reading and interest in music. Great illustrations too. My two and a half year old grand-daughter loves repeating the line “and off he pops” after only a couple of reads. More please.
— By Amazon Customer – 27 August 2016

great book for young kids
My kids aged 6, 3 + 2 loved this book. Highly recommended. Enjoy!!
— By Amazon Customer – 26 August 2016

Fun, colourful and a pleasure to read out loud
Such a fun colourful book, my godson loved the rhymes and wouldn’t put it down. Really recommend it for both girls and boys (and especially parents, as this is one I’ll never get bored of reading at bedtime)!
— By NatJon – 26 August 2016

19 month old is now saying “toot toot” when he sees a picture of a giraffe
My 19 month old son loves his new book Jungle Jam!!! He keeps saying “More” after it. We’re now reading it to him for the third time in a row. Discarded Peppa Pig books everywhere.
— By Sell Your Car UK – 25 August 2016

Excellent rhyming book for children
Excellent rhyming book for children! I highly recommend Jungle Jam for anyone with young kids, they thoroughly love it!
— By K 25 August 2016