About Louise Lederman – Workshop Leader

Louise Lederman, Jungle Jam co-author runs the Jungle Jam Education Programme. She has spent many years working in the charity and education sector. Louise has worked for numerous disability charities including the National Autistic Society, Sense and Langdon, and obtained a deep understanding of disability and SEN. Louise currently works part-time in a large secondary school in London as a Learning Support Assistant in the SENCO Department supporting children with a wide range of educational needs.

Louise always had a passion for writing, and becoming a mother inspired her to fulfil her dream. Since the first Jungle Jam book was released in 2016, Louise has been kindly invited to many schools, nurseries and playgroups to run readings and workshops and has a great deal of experience in this area.

About the Workshops

There are a number of different workshop options to choose from with regards to the type, however please note that we often tailor a bespoke programme to suit the specific requirements of the institution.

Please see below for examples of the types of workshops within the Jungle Jam Education programme:

Jungle Jam Early Years

Duration: 1hr
Aimed at age groups 2-5yrs

An interactive and fun reading style workshop where author Louise lederman conducts a reading of one or two of the Jungle Jam books followed by a craft/musical activity.

Jungle Jam Introduction to Writing Stories

Duration: 1hr
Aimed at age groups 5-8yrs

An interactive and fun workshop that teaches children how to use their imagination and format compelling stories.

Jungle Jam Creative Writing Workshop

Duration: 1hr
Aimed at age groups 8-11yrs

An interactive and educational workshop that focuses on the following aspects of writing: observation, ideas, structure, characters, setting, plot, dialogue and editing.

Students will all have the chance to begin planning and writing their own stories in break out sessions.

Jungle Jam Introduction to Meditation

Duration: 1hr
Aimed at all age groups

An interactive calming workshop that introduces children to the concept of meditation and breathing. Louise will not only conduct a guided mediation with the children but will also work with them to write their own guided meditations.

Jungle Jam Introduction to Music and Culture

Duration: 1hr
Aimed at all age groups

An interactive and fun workshop that introduces children to the different countries and cultures that appear in the Jungle Jam books – India, Spain, Brazil and the USA.

Jungle Jam Inspirational Speaker

Duration: 1hr
Aimed at all age groups

This is more of a lecture style session where author Louise Lederman would talk about her journey and how she became a writer with a Q&A session at the end.

NB: We always suggest that following a Jungle Jam workshop, the institution should run a creative writing/drawing competition to give the children incentive and motivation to continue their story work. A Jungle Jam prize can be provided for the winner.

For further information and to book a workshop, please contact:

Louise Lederman
Tel: 07870 234 755